Halfmoon Banjo Works
About the Banjo Maker

I've been an active woodworker for more than 15 years, and have made a wide variety of things for my family and home. As my interest in Old Time music has grown, I've enjoyed learning and perfecting my luthier skills and making instruments to play. My wife (guitar) and son (fiddle, banjo, and guitar) also play Old Time music, and we enjoy playing together.

I live in Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania, and work full-time at Penn State teaching in the Community, Environment, and Development major, and conducting research on a variety of economic and community development issues. I produce instruments somewhat intermittently, based upon the time I can find to work on them.

In addition to making instruments and furniture, I also make the frames (and much of the framing stock) for my wife, Alice, who is a professional artist in pastels and oils. (I'm also the webmaster for her artist website).

Tim on the C&O Canal