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Cherry farming room box
Cherry framing room box. 2003
I made this box for Alice to store framing materials for her art.

Walnut Maple Painting Box. 2003
This box holds completed paintings.

Oak framing room box. 2003
Another box used to store picture framing materials.

Dice box. 2007.
This box was a Christmas present for my son.

Cherry maple painting box. 2003
This box is used to store finished paintings.

Jewelry box. 1998
This was one of my very first woodworking projects. The top has a friction fit.

Jewelry box, Maple and Cherry. 2004
Another Christmas present, I made this for Alice. I like how the lid nestles within the walls.

Jewelry Box. Mahogany and Flame Birch. 2004.
A mate to the Maple and Cherry jewelry box on the left, made for my daughter, Julia.

Maple and Paudak hardware boxes. 2003
These little boxes hold some small tools for picture framing, plus the brass hangers for the backs of finished paintings. The lid on the box on the left is a friction fit.

Walnut framing tool box. 2003
This shaker-style box holds Alice's framing tools.

Walnut camera box. 2003
I photograph all of my wife's paintings before they're sold to clients or sent to galleries. This box stores the SLR camera we use, and has a french-fitted compartment to hold the camera securely.

Brush Box. Curly Maple. 2004.
Handcut dovetails, and maple dividers to keep the brushes separated. Made for my daughter, Julia, for use with her beloved horse, Jackson. This has been in the barn and on Pony Club trips for the past 3 years, so shows some wear and grime.
Brush box. Walnut. 2004.
Maple dividers to keep the brushes separated, and maple and purpleheart inlay along top of handle. Made for my daughter, Emma, and our horse, Goblin. This has been in the barn for 3 years, and shows some wear and grime.