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Hollows and Rounds, 2006.
Plane floats, 2006.

I'm in the process of making a set of hollow and round moulding planes, based upon a Todd Herli workshop I attended at Olde Mill Cabinet Shop in 2006. I used these to make the moulding on the Spice Box.

Circle Inlay Cutters. Curly Maple. 2007.
I made this set of inlay cutters, based upon the basic design Steve Latta uses in his inlay courses. The set is in 1/8 inch increments, and each tool includes a black inlay of the arch that tool creates.

Inlay Cutter. Curly Maple and Purple Heart. 2007.
This inlay cutter makes straight lines, such as along table legs.

Tool Cabinet. Cherry. 2001.
This is a design I modified from a tool cabinet in Fine Woodworking. The cabinet features hand cut dovetails, and is where I store many of my handplanes.